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The Millennium Health Centers, Inc is committed to a long term, Prospective Clinical Study on the efficacy and benefits from Secretropin. In lieu of subjective testing used by the majority of other secretagogue products, The Millennium continues to obtain objective results through continued laboratory testing.  In so doing, we have found that 8% of the patient population did not respond to the product. In that group of non-responders, we believe that they are Somatostatin sensitive individuals, those that appear to produce naturally high levels of Somatostatin. The addition of supplemental nocturnal L-Arginine, has helped them to respond to Secretropin.  

2013: A two year composite study of Secretropin's efficacy in raising endogenous Growth Hormone production in Adult Humans,
Twelve years ago Secretropin was developed and tested on a small population of patients (20) with impressive results. It continued to be used on a small scale until 2006 when University Compounding Pharmacy(UCP) of San Diego California because the national distributor.  Through UCP, Secretropin was made available only to physicians who were trained in the science of Endocrinology/Anti-aging Medicine. Since then the use of Secretropin has expanded beyond the United States into other countries due to the sharing of information from one physician to another.  There was no marketing of the product just real clinical medicine and laboratory results supporting the benefits of Secretropin in raising the Growth Hormone markers from 50% to 550%.    The use and benefits of Secretropin have been documents in two previous studies but, we feel that an independent study (with results coming from outside physicians) will offer further unbiased results.  In the end, you will be the ultimate judge of the product.

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